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These are past stories clients have written in. Every breakup is unique in it’s problems and possible solutions. Please take a look at these stories and think what advice would you give? Then after you write out your story and send it to me, think what advice would you give yourself?

I’ve Got Values.

Hello Coach, I’ve got a real situation here.  I have a girlfriend who causes me constant problems and seems to alienate all my friends, but gives the best head in the world.  Not sure that such skills could be matched.  And she seems to use it as a get out of jail free card too.  Her reputation prior to us being together was well known, but I know all that practice went to good use. Read More

I Cheated and feel guilty.

Hey Coach, I don’t know if this applies to breaking up, but it might be a Segway.  I’ve cheated on my girlfriend and feel extremely guilty.  She was a super cute Pilipino girl I work with.  She was great in bed and I’d actually like to see her again.  She also has a boyfriend whom I’ve met.  I literally was just giving her a ride home and one thing led to another.  Read More

She’s a clinger.

Hello Mr. Mac, I don’t know if this applies as a breakup, but I need some help. I went out with this girl a total of 6 times.  She’s a beautiful Asian women and a nurse.  She’s a knockout.  On our second date we kissed for hours, but she kept stopping at her panties. She told me if we had sex her feelings would be too strong.  She said she falls in love too easy.  Read More

He’s a bad drinker, but not an alcoholic.

Hey Coach, I’m 32 years old and have a 22-year-old boyfriend.  Friends joke that he’s just my sex toy.  At first this was true, but now I’ve fell in love with him.  He cares and loves me too.  But at times his age and lack of maturity really show.  He’s a bad drinker; he’s one of those that drink to get wasted. And once he’s wasted he’s capable of making a scene.  Read More

I broke up over a damp towel. Fuck it!

Hello Mr. McCarthy, I’m 49 years old and have always been in short term relationships, mostly by choice. I’ve only suffered one bad breakup and even that one I got over pretty quick.  So recently, I’ve had another.  This girl and I were together for nearly 2 years, living together for 1 year.  The incident that did it was when I was relaxing on the bed with a damp towel.  Read More

My EX contacted me out of the blue, now what?

Hey Coach, I’ve recently had an ex-girlfriend contact me out of the blue.  We haven’t seen each other in 7 years.  We’ve exchanged a few happy birthdays or emails, but no face-to-face contact. In fact I don’t think we’ve had email contact in 3 years or so.  Anyhow I’m in a relationship now, pretty happy but not married.  She says she wants to get lunch next time I’m in town to catch up.  Read More

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