Breaking Up Hurts

Let our coaches help you through it

Your Story

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Write Your Story Following These Instructions

  • Add a title if you wish.
  • A good place to start your story is how long you were together or how long you’ve been broken up.
  • Important questions to answer in the story; Did you live together? Is this your first serious breakup?
  • Remember you're telling the story to someone who knows nothing. Answer: Who? What? Where? Why? How? When?
  • If you haven’t broken up yet, but are strongly thinking about it then this is a good time to write your story now.
  • Ask a couple of questions at the end, or simply end it with what’s your take on all of this. Specific questions would be; How do I get her back? How do I stop calling her?
  • Finally when writing your story at some point it should just flow out of you. Do not think ‘oh I shouldn’t write that, what would people think of me?' NO, DO WRITE IT. This is the value the coach provides, and you are anonymous.
  • Be honest, it only helps your coach understand where you are coming from. Don’t lie about your true feelings and intentions.
  • Please re-read your story before sending it. Make it as clear and specific as possible.