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Here are some common questions about WriteMac.com

How do I book a live coaching session?
Go to my services page, click the box under one on one live coaching. This will direct you to PayPal and you can make your payment there. After paying scroll down the services page to the calendar and choose a day and time that is available.
What will we do in a live coaching?
I will ask you what it is you want to get out of the coaching and send you some questions to answer before the coaching session begins so that I can get a better feel of where you’re at. We will also go over your story together. During this time I will ask questions regarding your story with the intention of finding out if this relationship is serving you. You will also have an opportunity to tell me things you left out of your original story.
How do I get my ex back?
There is no one-size fits all to this answer. I need to read your story first. And from there we can come up with a strategy for you to redirect your mindset from wishing and hoping he or she comes back to becoming a better individual. An individual that is taking this time to improve themselves, grow and take inventory of their current life in a positive way.
What if I am exercising the no contact and I lose my chance of getting my ex back?
The No contact is for you first and foremost. It’s for you to prove to yourself that you are a strong, confident individual. It’s to make your ex miss you and appreciate you. And if that doesn’t happen, chances are it was never going to happen.
If I’m in no contact should I cut off all social media contact?
Yes, yes, and YES!  By staying tied through social media you create imaginary stories and possibilities that play with your emotions. You see a picture or a comment and you make assumptions that don’t serve your situation.
Can you please not share my story in a video?
I have an option where I will do a video response via a private YouTube video. This will never be made public. I do charge $65 for this service and offer two follow up emails with it.  Go to my services page for details.
What is the most important thing to do first when you breakup?
Write out your complete story and get it to me or share it with someone close to you. This helps get some immediate clarity on what happened, in your mind.
What if he or she never come’s back?
It’s possible. That’s why I believe the no contact rule in most cases is the best avenue after a breakup. People breakup all the time and a large percentage do not get back together, it’s life. If you take the right steps in the beginning and get the right help, then this breakup can be one of the great lessons and turning points in your life.
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