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Mac McCarthy

I help people with their breakups. 

Primary Focus

I want to hear your story, what happened? From beginning to end how did the breakup go down and what do you want now?


Helping people:

+ get clear on what happened and why in your breakup.

+ giving tailored advice to your situation based on the story your telling yourself.

+ gain clarity & move forward


Breakups are an opportunity to take an honest self assessment of where you're at in life right now and where you want to go. All paths lead to now.

Private Live One-on-One Coaching

Select a date and time that works best for you and I to meet "face to face" through a private web cam session.


Delivered in about 2 days

How Long?

Which day works best?

Your Time Zone:

Private Video Response

I will review your story and respond to you in detail by recording a video response that only you may view.


Delivered in about 7 days

Public YouTube Response

I will review your story and post my PUBLIC response to it on YouTube. You will receive a link to the response. An attempt will be made to remove your identifying information, but the best way to ensure your information stays private is to not include it in your story.


Delivered in about 7 days

Pay a different amount

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