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Tell me your story...

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The Mission.

At core of my work is a simple, but important question: What is your breakup story? I help people realize the truths in their breakups and gain clarity moving forward. At the end of breakups there are a lot of questions being repeated in your head. I will help you answer those questions and re-frame the answers to those questions in order to serve you moving forward.  

Hi! I’m Mac McCarthy

I’m a writer, teacher, and breakup coach. I help people with their breakups, by letting them tell their story. Currently, I have responded to over 500 breakup stories on my YouTube channel. I’ve done well over 500 hours in live coaching sessions and I hope to double that this year. Please watch the video for more details below.

The value in my advice.

When we breakup, we seek our family and friends’ advice and compassion. We take it personally if they aren’t on our side, and we leave parts of the story out, because we don’t want them to judge us. This is where my value comes in. By watching my videos and the way I read letters and give advice, you can judge me first. If you like my approach in dealing with breakup stories and with the advice I give, then send your story via email, or, book a live coaching session. In reading your letter, I will be honest, non-biased, informative and light-hearted in my response. I am able to be honest and non-biased, because before this letter was sent, we had no history together. I’m not on your side and I’m not against you; I’m neutral. This gives me the ability to be completely honest, with no hidden agendas. I have done a lot of research on breakups and relationships. I also make personal recommendations of books and articles that may fit your breakup situation. In closing, I keep things light-hearted, if there is something funny in your story that lets you laugh at it. We are all a little too serious sometimes, nobody knows this is your story and cracking a smile will only help you feel better.

Mac McCarthy | Breakup Coach